What is Geotargeting Advertising?

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Does your business currently use geotargeting advertising, a.k.a. geofencing, to target active prospects aggressively? If you don’t know the answer to that (or don’t even understand the terminology we just used), chances are, you are not. But you should be! Because with geofencing, your business can create a digital barrier to track potential customers in the location of your choosing.

Let’s break it down in further detail so you can fully understand; comprehending and implementing this crucial concept can make all the difference between success and failure when attracting new clientele. According to Ground Truth, geotargeting (also known as geotargeted advertising) uses location data to reach customers with messages appropriate to their online behavior and their locality. This innovative technology displays relevant content to consumers based on an automated or assumed understanding of someone’s location.

To give you an example, a car repair shop might run a geotargeted advertising campaign to people within target proximity to the shop’s location. But as great as just THIS strategy is alone, geotargeted advertising allows you to be even more detailed than that. When a consumer opts-in to location services for apps on their phone, geotargeting advertising lets your company show advertisements based on their location. In other words, if they have a local retail or restaurant app on their phones, they can still see ads for their business!

So, to sum up, geotargeting shows consumers your ads in specific areas. And your visibility doesn’t end there! After your clients initially see an ad, it follows them online as they visit other websites and social media pages, creating more touchpoints for your brand to be visible and strengthening their awareness of your company. If geotargeting is a strategy you want to implement for your business in the near year, trust LocalDigitalKY and Bluegrass News Media to help!

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