How Do I Identify My Target Audience?

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“When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.”

– Meredith Hill CEO, Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs

When you recognize that everyone is not your customer and figure out who your customer is, that’s when your business will transform. But how do you determine WHO your customers are? This is where defining your target audience comes in.

What is a target audience?

target audience is a specific group of customers most likely interested in or to respond to your marketing initiatives. Your business may have several target audiences, depending on the products or services you’re promoting. Each target audience has specific wants and needs, and marketing plans are devised to attract each audience.

The target audience should not be confused with the target market, as the terms are similar but not interchangeable. A target market breaks down a large market into smaller segments and consists of customers with common behaviors and characteristics. A target audience is a subset of the target market.

Why is it important to identify a target audience?

In an effective marketing plan, the first step is identifying and understanding your target audience. Targeting the right audience ensures your marketing efforts lead to increased customer engagement and higher sales or conversions.

When you know your target audience, you create stronger marketing messages that speak directly to your customers.

How do I identify my target audience?

Create an ideal customer profile

The first step in identifying your target audience is creating an ideal customer profile, also known as a buyer persona. These are the consumers most likely to have interest in your products or services and include the following characteristics:

Conduct market research

Through market research, you’re able to learn about your target audience’s purchasing habits. The most common methods include:

Reevaluate your products and services

Once you have a newly created customer profile, the next step is to review your offerings from a fresh perspective. With your target audience in mind, ask the following questions:

The answers to these questions provide valuable insights into your marketing strategies. As the marketplace evolves, your customer profile might as well. Conduct market research and refine your customer profile once or twice per year to stay ahead of your competition.

Research your competition

By observing what your competitors are doing, you can discover what strategies are effective and how you can implement them as part of your marketing plan. When scoping out the competition, here are some areas to focus on:

Leverage customer data

When creating your marketing plans, don’t overlook the insights and information you have from existing customers. Using the following data can help you implement a more effective marketing strategy: offers a variety of services to help create the perfect marketing strategy for you, including geo targeting, social media marketing, search engine optimization, reputation management, and much, much more. With decades of digital marketing experience, we help determine your best options for maximizing your online presence that deliver results. Get started on your next project by completing our online contact form today!



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